Summer Soundtrack 2012

Night Moves – Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band
Number one, if the instrumentation of this song doesn’t welcome cool summer breeze and hand painted sunset skies only found in nostalgic memory you have no soul. Number two, if this doesn’t remind you of at least one romantic relationship in your life, you need to date more. 

Alright Night – The Bosben Brothers
This Minneapolis duo may have my bid for best new summer song of 2012. It’s acoustic breakdown of all things happy while keeping it bluegrass pickin’ cool works well with these HOT Wisconsin days, cuz it’s gonna be an alright right night. Cool. 

Mama Told Me Not To Come – Three Dog Night 
We’ve All Had Those Kind Of Summer Nights 

Scenes From An Italian Restaurant – Billy Joel
Summer always offers up at least one reunion of some sort. Be it an old friend or lover, or a family or class reunion, this is the perfect narrative for every conversation you never want to have but always do. And some how, always end up feeling better about yourself afterwards. 

Here Comes The Sun – The Beatles
I could start every summer morning at 5:00am with cup of coffee and this Harrison masterpiece. 

All My Best Friends Are Metal Heads – Less Than Jake
The skateboarding anthem of every summer since age 15 as far as I’m concerned. This ska/punk jam makes me want to let loose and and be juvenile in the sun all day, whether on a skateboard, a beach, road tripping or sipping a brewskie at a backyard bbq, I’m game, crank it up!

Summer Girls – LFO
If you know this song, there’s no explanation needed. If you don’t, well then put aside your hatred for boybands and sing along. 

Summer Time – Mungo Jerry
Ch-Ch-Ch-UH Ch-Ch-Ch-UH In The Summer Time When The Weather Is Fine… 
This tune keeps your feet tappin and your mouth singing, even if all you know is the Ch-Ch-Ch-UHs you’ve got the most important part, so turn it up and enjoy the summer!

Do You Feel Like I Do – Peter Frampton
The best thirteen minutes of your life could take place during this song. At a fair, a concert, a wedding, a beach, it doesn’t matter when this diddy starts playing. Turn it up and enjoy the talking guitar, or keep it in the background as the score to your summer drunken heart-to-hearts.

Schools Out – Alice Cooper
Every summer since I was in sixth grade I remember walking off of the school grounds and instantly hearing someone blaring this Alice Cooper jam. Obviously it’s been played in many a record player, cassette deck and eight-track player before my sixth grade year, which just shows why this song deserves a spot the list. Everyone needs a song to let loose to after months on end of being in a fluorescent lit educational cage. 

Born To Be Wild – Steppenwolf
As soon as the song opens I think of strong wind through a car window, long stretch of North Highway 53 between Rice Lake, WI and Duluth, MN and of course a clear unending sky just begging for me and my company to chase it. Everytime.

Take It Easy – The Eagles
Much like “Born To Be Wild” this song makes me think of a long stretch of highway, this time my company being seven women and a flatbed Ford. Lighten your load, and leave the world of trouble off your mind, let’s take it easy this summer!

Summertime – Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff
I don’t know about you, but every time the first note hits, I know it’s on! Big Willie Style. 

Funkytown – Lipps Inc
“Won’t You Take Me To… Funkytoowwn” from high school dances at the skating rink, to outside of burger joints, this song that just barely missed the disco-age but helped usher in the techno-pop of the 80s still makes me want to groove every time it comes on. Especially on a hot summer night… at a wedding, or renuion… 

Love Shack – B52s
Summer just wouldn’t be complete with out at least one visit the the “Shack” be it the original being pumped out by a dj, or a cover a bar, Love Shack remains on the Summer Soundtrack for it’s ability to make anyone forget their age and shout out about large whale like cars… and their backseats…

Paradise By The Dashboard Light – Meatloaf
Speaking of backseats… throw this on, take out your favorite girl head down to the lake at dusk and watch the submarine races… you’ll remember why this needs to be on the soundtrack


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