Hold Me Down
Produced by Francis Le Vesta for

When I first got into radio I was willing to do whatever it took get a paycheck from a legitimate radio station. I’d DJ in a bar Friday and Saturday nights, and then on Sunday morning at 5am I’d go work a five hour shift at the local five station cluster, a little bit of on air work, but mostly making sure church services aired properly and commercials were organized enough to be listenable, so when an opportunity came for me to pick up hours during the week (or whenever needed really) I’d scoop that up regardless of what the task was. 

In one instance the engineer decided a good way for me to pick up some hours was to help him out on a project. I was all about that. Then I discovered what the task was.

Digging a trench a mile long and eight feet deep from the generator to the propane tank. 

Ok, perhaps it wasn’t actually a mile long or even close to eight feet, but you’ll never know how long and deep it actually was. 

So I indeed did spend my early twenties “down in the trenches, diggin up the earth”

The next reference in that line comes from my first mixtape (The Wisco Kid, released 2011) and the failed relationship that haunts most of these songs. (We all have a Lucy.)

“Burnin’ park benches” was what I called breaking up with that girl. We actually broke up twice. This was the first time. We were sitting on a park bench, it was a Tuesday, it was also sunny. (I think both times we broke up actually were on  Tuesdays.). I didn’t actually light the park bench on fire, but it felt like it that day. 

However, if you gotta burn something burn the bench not the bridge. Maybe you can put the fire out before it reaches the bridge.

Everybuddy’s Bar 2015 photo by Carl Cooley


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