Still Searchin’ –

I recorded this inside The Lakeshore House in 2013. I was set on creating my own mixtape produced on my own. This was part of that project that never got released. I was creating the 23 song mixtape using loops from Adobe Audition 3.0′s Loopology package on a laptop bought in college in 2008, so needless to say the computer was getting ready to get on with it and be reincarnated as a pencil case. During the course of that project the computer (thanks to help from a forceful hand) died for the final time.

This song was more or less a pep talk to myself. Another journal entry if you will. It’s definitely the oddball on the mixtape sound-wise. I think that’s why I like it.

Every Buddy’s Bar (Chippewa Falls – 2014) photo by Carl Cooley


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