Week One: Glad To Be Here


9/26/2015 Cold Country

So, here I am, and here you are. My name is Cold Country, and I will be your guide, along with my co-host RjQ. Our show is titled “The Hip Hop Hideaway” and we are working to promote our local scene in Western Wisconsin. 

In the future we will be bringing in all kinds of talent and industry people who can help aspiring artists to get some insight into navigating the local scene, and of course trying to get past being local. I am still kind of new to the area, but have been working to immerse myself into the local scene. I have been recording and releasing music for 10 or more years all over the country…I lose track. In that time, I’ve picked up a whole bunch of information and knowledge local artists might find useful. RjQ has been working in radio for a long time, and is the brains behind this operation. He also records, and has a broad depth of knowledge as well. That being said, questions are welcome from local artists- we will do our best to answer them on air.

On tomorrow’s show, we will be introducing ourselves to the audience and playing some great songs from a handful of local artists from Eau Claire, WI. Matter of fact, I’m going to post them now because you need to know who these artists are. Our first artist we want to promote is “Smokey J” because I watched her live and she killed it. She is knee-deep in hip hop, with the ability to produce beats and videos. Locally we need more artists to be as motivated as her. I’m not going to go in depth about her sound here, we can save that for the show. Secondly, I want to mention Mr. Pizzy; I saw him perform at the same show as Smokey J and I want to be honest, this guy is probably the most talented local artist I’ve heard. His performance was 10/10. I’ll talk about his style on the show. Last but not least, we have Cudlino. He is a local stronghold for good reason. He works closely with Midwest Mayhem to put together shows, and if you are a local artist who is not trying to out-work this guy, you are WRONG. Cudlino has released several projects, and I can tell you from knowing him personally that he is likely to go somewhere.  

The last thing I want to talk about this week is based on an observation I made as an artist who just walked into this scene a few months ago. If you are a local hip hop artist, you need to drop the ego. This is not NY City if you haven’t noticed. There is not a large enough market to succeed all on your own. It doesn’t have to be hugs and rainbows with other artists, but you should expect yourself and everyone else to be professional. If you want to record songs and just burn them on CD for your girlfriend, then do that. If you want to make the most of this scene, we need to start working together. I’ve seen artists drop from shows with no notice, miss meetings, and have piss poor attitudes towards each other. 

The reason why I chose Smokey J, Mr. Pizzy and Cudlino to promote this week is because each of them are examples to follow. I’ve met them all personally and they are all working to make this scene better. See you next week!!!

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