Many of you know music is how I make my living. I’m all in make or break break me, feast or famine. Every once in a while I get a message from a musician looking for advice on their career and how to take it to the next level. I don’t know if I’m the best one to ask about these things because sometimes I question my own sanity about why I’m doing this but here it goes. 1: Practice and write songs any free time you have. If this feels like to much work or isn’t something you crave then a music career might not be right for you. 2: Don’t compare yourself to or try to compete with other musicians. You’ll find your self frustrated and your own self doubt will get the best of you. 3: Don’t listen to others when they say it’s impossible. They are judging you on there own insecurities. Not on your own abilities 4: learn as much as you can about recording, music distribution, publishing and music rights. This will help you avoid bad deals and make you more independent. 5: be willing to grow and step outside your box when it comes to your music. Even if it means losing some fans. Nothing can ruin your creativity more then staying in one style of music. Don’t just be country, rock, folk, pop..etc. etc labels are for caned goods not music. 6: Be yourself!!! There is enough cookie cutter stars out there. You shine brightest when you open your true self up to the world. 7: Not everyone will like your true self or your music. That’s OK! 8: Don’t do it for the fame do it for the love of it. 9: prepare to be poor for awhile and learn to live within you means. It’s a hard life but in the end it pays off or so I’m told 10: No one will do it for you! You have to have the drive to do it your self!! This is no 9-5 job it’s 100% 24/7 and if you have 110% give that. 11: Don’t do drugs!!! Heroin, meth and cocaine will ruin you fast! So stay classey my friends

Brian Bethke

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